Corporate Governance

Companies now see compliance and corporate governance as integrally connected, and they are building systems and structures with honesty and fairness in order to foster trust, which they value above all else.

The practice of compliance is the highest priority of EPS Group and the basis of our corporate governance.

As a business involved in pharmaceutical development - for which nothing is more important than human health and safety - it goes without saying that the thorough practice of compliance is the principal foundation upon which our operations rest.

We engage in honest, fair, and highly transparent business activities based on a corporate philosophy built not only on ethics and science but also compliance with all laws and ordinances covering what we do.

Public companies have many kinds of stakeholders, including shareholders, company management, employees, financial institutions and others. And management must conduct company operations in ways that achieve a healthy balance of benefits and risks.

EPS Holdings, Inc. has constructed a rigorous system of internal controls to ensure thorough compliance and risk management.

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