Management Policy

Basic Management Policy

EPS Group’s fundamental philosophy is to contribute to the advancement of the health care industry through the creation of high-value-added solutions. We pursue our business activities under an organizational philosophy expressed as “Ever Progressing System,” the words behind the acronym, EPS.

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Performance Indicators

EPS Group aims to achieve continuously rising corporate value through sustained business growth and uses the net sales growth rates of individual group members as key performance indicators.
Realizing growth on a quantitative basis over the mid-to-long term requires a strong foundation of people, organization, systems, and other elements indispensable for making the most of synergies among Group members and enabling business expansion, and we will do everything possible to attain greater levels of quality in these aspects of our operations.

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Basic Policy on Earnings Distributions

EPS Holdings, Inc. aims to pay returns to shareholders by expanding and developing its business operations. Our goal for the payment of dividends is to achieve a dividend payout ratio of roughly 30%.

We look forward to ongoing support of our efforts toward that end.

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