Our History

The Continuously Growing EPS Group

The history of EPS Group begins with the dawn of the CRO business, in 1991. From there, we gradually expanded the scope of our business activities, adding SMO and CSO services, and eventually becoming a comprehensive provider of a broad range of drug development and other support services for the healthcare industry. We began to expand into China and other overseas markets early in our history and are now a valued partner in the globalization of new drug development.

1991 EPS Tokyo, Co., Ltd., established to develop and sell software related to clinical studies (EPS Group founded)
1993 Patient Registration Center opened, marking our full-scale entry into the CRO business
1995 Full-scale launch of data management services
1998 Full-scale launch of monitoring services
  • Advanced into the field of pre-clinical studies
  • Listed on the JASDAQ
2005 EPMate Co., Ltd., established and customer on-site CRO business commences
  • Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • e-Trial Co., Ltd., established to strengthen IT operations
2008 EPS non-consolidated sales rank it first among the members of the Japan CRO Association
  • Acquired the CRO business of ATSUKU Co., Ltd. and strengthened monitoring services
  • SCG Co., Ltd., a provider of pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetic testing services, becomes a subsidiary of the EPS Corporation
2014 JGC Pharma Services Co., Ltd. becomes a subsidiary of EPS Corporation and EPS Associates Co., Ltd. is established
2015 Holding company structure adopted
  • AC MEDICAL INC. becomes a subsidiary of EPS Corporation
  • EPS Corporation acquires EPMate Co., Ltd.
1999 EP-Link Co., Ltd., established to provide SMO (Site Management Organization) services
2005 EP-Mint Co., Ltd., established through the merger of EP-Link Co., Ltd., and Mint Co., Ltd.
2011 EP-Mint Co., Ltd., listed on JASDAQ
2012 Acquired S-Medical Service.Inc.
2014 With the share exchange making EPS Corporation (now EPS Holdings, Inc.) into the sole parent company, its shares were delisted from the JASDAQ as of December 26
2015 Became a wholly owned subsidiary of EPS Holdings, Inc.
  • EPS Holdings, Inc. merged Sogo Rinsho Holdings Co., Ltd., becoming the biggest SMO with more than 1,000 CRCs
  • EP-Mint Co., Ltd. acquires Sogo Rinsho Science Co., Ltd. and adopts EP-SOGO Co., Ltd. as its new name
  • EP-SOGO Co., Ltd. acquired SogoRinsho Holdings Co., Ltd.
2018 Acquired EXAM Co., Ltd.
1997 Established Cyber Medical-net Co., Ltd.
2004 Cyber Medical Net, Inc. changed its name to EP-Medical Co., Ltd. and made a full-scale entry into the CSO (Contract Services Organization) business
2006 Established Medical line Co., Ltd.
  • Medical Line Co., Ltd., becomes part of EPS Group
  • EPS acquires Pharma Network Co., Ltd. and merges it with EP-Medical Co., Ltd., retaining the Pharma Network name
2013 Medical Line Co., Ltd. and Pharma Network Co., Ltd. merge to form EP-PharmaLine Co., Ltd.
2019 AC MEDICAL INC. becomes a subsidiary of EPS Corporation
2010 Established EMS Co., Ltd. to undertake operation of data centers for pharmaceutical marketing and other data
2011 As a result of the merger of EPS (China) Co., Ltd. and InfoDeliver Technology Services (Dalian) BPO Co., Ltd., established EPI (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. as an offshore strategic BPO business location
  • Established EPS Yamanashi Co., Ltd. as a domestic nearshore provider of business process outsource services
  • Established EPI Japan Co., Ltd. to coordinate BPO operations
  • EMS Co., Ltd. Mergered with EPI Japan Co., Ltd.
    As for the business of the EMS, The EPI Sales&Market Data(SMD) Department succeeded the business of the EMS from July 1
  • EPS Yamanashi Co., Ltd. The company name was changed to EPI Yamanashi Co., Ltd.
  • Established J-CRSU Co., Ltd. to strengthen the clinical research related business in october
    BPO Segment was renamed as CPO(Clinical Processing Outsourcing) at the same time
  • EPI Japan Co., Ltd. absorbs J-CRSU Co., Ltd. and adopts the name “EP-CRSU Co., Ltd.”
2018 Restructured the CPO segment to offer data management services leveraging nearshore and offshore resources for greater efficiency. Also changed the name of the segment to “NRO Business.”
  • EP-CRSU CO., LTD. acquires Sogo Rinsho Medifi Co., Ltd.
  • e-Trial Co., Ltd. absorbs All Right Technology Inc. and adopts the name “EP-Techno Co., Ltd.”
  • EPI Yamanashi Co., Ltd. The company name was changed to EP Yamanashi Co., Ltd.
1999 Subsidiary companies are established in China to begin offering CRO and software development services there
2001 EPS China Co., Ltd. established
2003 Start of CRO business in Southeast Asia and Oceania
2007 Start of CRO business in South Korea and Taiwan
2009 EPS Hong Kong Co., Ltd. established
2010 Taiwan Total Management Consulting Ltd. becomes a subsidiary of EPS International Co., Ltd.
  • EPS International Korea Limited established
  • EPS International Co., Ltd. (in Shanghai, China) established, strengthening our system in Asia-Pacific region
2012 EPS Global Research Inc. established in the U.S. as a base for U.S. and European business activities
  • Acquired Gleneagles CRC Pte Ltd a Singapore-based contract research organization, to expand the EPS network in Southeast Asia
  • Spun off overseas CRO operations into a new company, EPS International Holdings Co., Ltd.
2008 EPS China Co., Ltd., established
2010 Established GNI-EPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to embark on pharmaceutical development in China
  • New headquarters for our Chinese business established
  • Established Suzhou EPS Vocational Training School of Service Outsourcing to train workers for careers in China's pharmaceutical sector
  • Established ET Medical Equipment (Nantong) Co., Ltd.
  • Spun off operations in China into a new company, EPS EKISHIN Co.,Ltd.
2019 EPS EKISHIN Co., Ltd. spins off the LSG Business and establishes EP Trading Co., Ltd.

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