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We seek to achieve successes an “Ever Progressing System”

Yan Hao's Photo

Hao Yan
Chairman & CEO

Since its establishment in 1991, the EPS Group has provided quality services to the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries. We have diversified our business lines and have expanded our operations to Asia-Pacific from our home, Japan. To further strengthen our management, and prepare for our next stage of development, the EPS Group adopted a “holding-company” form of organization as of January 1, 2015.

Under our new organization of structure, we are contributing to the advancement of the Healthcare Industry by creating high-value-added solutions.

Looking forwards the future, we will strengthen our forward-looking spirit expressed as an “Ever Progressing System,” which is the origin of our corporate name and our philosophy. We aim to continue to make strident efforts to devote ourselves to providing the best of services to our clients.

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