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EPS Group is a Full Service Provider of Optimized Pharmaceutical Solutions to Clients in the Healthcare Industry

With the increasing the need of diversity and complexity of healthcare and intensifying competition in global markets, pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers are required to adapt their operations to refocusing their resources on core businesses.

EPS Group provides a wide range of Contract Research Organization (CRO), Site Management Organization (SMO), Contract Sales Organization (CSO), and other related services for pharmaceutical and medical device development in Japan and Asia. By continuously building on our substantial wealth of experience, we have increased the efficiency of our operations and improved the quality of our services. The constant endeavor to continue these advances in all of our businesses and to provide solutions to our clients is captured in the words, “Ever Progressing System,” which is the origin of our company name and our business model.

Providing clients various advantages with highly specialized services


Details of Benefits

  • CRO
  • SMO
  • CSO
  • Asia
  • GR
  • China

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CRO Business (Japan)

From the planning and implementation of clinical studies to applications and post-marketing surveillance, our CRO Business provides optimized services for the rapid and efficient development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

SMO Business (Japan)

Drawing on a high level of expert knowledge and a wealth of experience accumulated at medical institutions throughout Japan, our SMO Business provides strong support for the proper and streamlined implementation of clinical trials and studies in a wide-range of fields.

CSO Business (Japan)

Through four core operations—CSO, BPO, DI and medical device support—our CSO Business provides a wide array of services such as Contract Medical Representative and call center operation to pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

Drug Development Platform Business

EPS is introducing a new drug discovery platform bridging Japan and Asia. In this unique business, license for pharmaceutical products from Japanese venture companies and pharmaceutical companies are used to commercialize the products in China and other Asian countries. With this novel approach, we aim to create a one-stop CRO business which will enable venture companies to achieve swift commercialization all over Asia.

GR (Global Research) Business

With locations in more than ten Asia-Pacific countries and partnerships with companies in Europe and the U.S., our GR Business offers one-stop, full-service support for global clinical trials and applications for approval in countries all over the world.

EKISHIN Business

In China, the EKISHIN Business is engaged in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and in the provision of CRO and other specialized services. Combining these operations with trading, investment, and other business activities, the EKISHIN Business is a healthcare-focused trading firm connecting Japan with China and Southeast Asia.

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